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I would be remiss if I didn’t clearly state that being outspoken makes me quite uncomfortable, but I have come to the realization that we no longer live in an era where we possess the luxury of complacency. Every human being on this planet is current at war and because the ammunition is no longer physical and being talked about on mainstream news, the overwhelming majority of them don’t even know it.

I’m talking about the war that has been openly waged against our sovereignty over recent years. The two party duopoly, the gender identity struggle, the racial divide, inoculation status and religious intolerance have all been weaponized against the people for the sake of division. The only chance mankind has at retaining it’s freedom is to share the truth, unite as one and peacefully resist the coming measures.

I have no experience, education or direction when it comes to these matters, which is why my work seems/is so armature. I simply see the need for more understanding and unification. To find a way to break through the limitless distractions, get the unaware to think about real issues and debate the merits of the data with me.

Thank you for your time, as it is the most under-rated and precious resource we have.

Tinfoil Hat FAQ

Q: Sense the commonly known media/information platforms like (Youtube/Google/Twitter ect) are censoring content, are there some alternatives?

A: Indeed, there are a few good information platforms that do not censor.

Video Hosting Alternatives:

Social Media Alternatives:

Search Engine/Browser Alternative:

Secure VPN/Email Alternate:

Q: Where do you go to find real information?

A: Sadly that’s impossible. No matter what values or perspectives you hold, you will always be able to find what would seem like evidence to back up that claim. All we can do is gather as much information as we possibly can and try to paint a logical picture with it. I have found a wide range of independent news sites and social media pages of doctors and researchers that I comb through for my data, here are just a few.

Recommended Weekly Shows/Content

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Independent Video News Media

►► ◄◄
Video channel of decade long researcher “The Last American Vagabond

►► ◄◄
The site written, produced and hosted by independent researcher James Corbett
Site by Independent reporter, interviewer and truth advocate Maria Zeee
Independent news organization with nine different shows
Investigative journalists that have won many court cases with their reporting
Independent Canadian news organization

Insightful Social Media Resources
World news scrounger, researcher and reporter
World news scrounger, researcher and reporter
World news scrounger, researcher and reporter
Dr. Mike Yeadon, Professional research & development scientist and Former Pfizer executive.
Edward Dowd, ex-Blackrock portfolio manager
Attorney Thomas Renz, founder of Renz Law and outspoken law truth advocate
Laura Logan, decades long investigative journalist
Dr. Robert Malone, life long scientist, physician and ifounder of mRNA Technology
The substack of Steve Kirsch, medical reporter
Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, psychiatric physician and ex-ethics administrator
Dr. Li-Meng Yan, Independent Chinese virologist and truth advocate
Planet Lockdown documentary creator

Good News Sites

►► ◄◄
Consistently updated recent news article collectors
Very popular economics reporting site
Centre For Research on Globalization
Independent Military Themed News Source
Independent Canadian Researchers and Reporters
Diehard Researcher That Posts Content Daily
Renown Technocracy Awareness News Site
The organization dissecting FOIA Pfizer Docs
Independent news media aggregators
The site managed by RFK, Jr.
The CIC is the law organization behind the crimes against humanity lawsuits
The group of doctors who have been researching and disclosing the benefits if Ivermectin
Site ran by researcher Max Igan
The site managed by the decades long researcher David Icke.

Resource And Documentary Dumps:
Dedicated Documentary Collector
Dedicated Documentary Collector
CIC Episode Playlist
FLCCC Episode Playlist
The Highwire Episode Playlist

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