Docmentary Topics

Topics: The Scamdemic, Global Malevolent Collusion, Truth Behind Economics, Election Tampering, 9/11 Attacks, Geo-Engineering, Cult Pharmaceutical History, Moon Landing, Injection History, Ukraine History, 5G/EMR, Corporate Manipulation, Environmental Misappropriation, False Flags, Terrain Theory, Forbidden History, Climate Fraud, Nano-Technology, Mark Passio Collection, Mattias Desmet Collection, Whitney Webb Collection.

Note: If any of the video mirrors aren’t functioning (mostly) all of these documentaries can be found on either Rumble, Bitchute, Odysse or perhaps Youtube. Also I’m well aware some of the authors below are questionable but one must try to absorb everything and sort it mentally themselves, keep the Ad Hominem and cancel culture out of here.

The Scamdemic

Global Malevolent Collusion

Truth Behind Our Economic System

Inoculation Nano-Technology

Injection / Inoculation History

Art Of Election Tampering

Climate Engineering / Weather Manipulation

Man Made Climate Change Fraud And Misdirection

September 11, 2001 Attacks (9/11)

Apollo 11 Moon Landing

Ukraine War History And Biolab Connections

5G / EMF (Electromagnetic Frequency) Dangers

Corporate Manipulation

Environmental Misappropriation / Mismanagement

Other Potential False Flags

Terrain Theory vs Germ Theory

Shards Of Hidden History

Israeli History and Zionist Influences

Cult Foundation Of The Pharmaceutical Industry

Mark Passio Collection

Mattias Desmet Collection

Whitney Webb Collection