China’s CCP Ambitions

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**Everything written here is my speculation based on the gathered evidence, that is why the article is so link heavy.**

Covid Zero Technocratic Control State

In recent years China has become the testing grounds for a new type of futuristic system commonly known as a Technocracy [Video]. The goal of this technological dictatorship is to use a plethora of technologies and tactics to forge a real-time entirely digital infrastructure where the government has meticulous control of every aspect of their society, from the flow of information to the travel of their citizens [Video]. They have even begun using A.I to test the loyalty of their party members and judge in their courts.

China leads the world in track and trace technology having more then 540 million cameras to 1.46 billion people, so 372.8 cameras per 1,000 citizens, for reference LA has 8.77 cameras per 1,000 people. This colossal data harvesting project has enabled the CCP to harness the full potential of oppressive technology. The citizens of China are now forced to maintain a positive social credit score and get a face and QR health code scan to perform even the most basic functions like moving, or learning, or working, or eating. Those who speak or act out against these draconian measures are punished by having their bank accounts frozen, given a red QR pass, get welded/barred into their homes [Video 1] without supplies or arrested and sent off to a covid quarantine facility [Video 1] [Video 2]. If it were really about keeping their people safe would they really require their citizens to stand outside in the snow to get PCR test’s [Video] before they can do things like use public restrooms?

Domination Efforts

War is a very different concept in China, they play a more contrived game of chess then most countries. Of course they have their ground force alliances but their preferred method of combat is more covert. From tried and true methods like stealing technology to attempting to inundate other countries with dangerous evasive insect species and crop killing seeds. They are even expanding their territory by creating several fully militarized man made islands. What worries me most is their propensity for genomic solutions like DNA manipulation and biological warfare. Knowing that they themselves create and disseminate mRNA technology but refuse to use it should tell you all you need to know. With the CCP’s strangle hold on the Chinese economy they can fund quixotically dangerous projects like world’s most powerful magnet and worlds largest artificial sun for ‘research’ purposes.

Taiwan Trouble

The currently free citizens of Taiwan are on the verge of ending up like the people of Hong Kong. China being in desperate need to fuel it’s surveillance expansion, has it’s eyes on the semiconductor chip production in Taiwan. Be it decoy or intent, china has been working on refurbishing civilian watercraft to hold their weight in armored vehicles. Taiwan has been very public about it’s opposition to reunification, while China’s Xi statesChina reserves the option of taking all necessary measures against Taiwan independence“. China may show a glorious front, but it’s speculated it’s nothing more then bark.

Working With The Enemy

Chinas rise to power through theft of intellectual property is bad enough, but when big tech companies get ‘tricked’ into giving away advanced new battery technology [Video 1] it really brings credence to the quote “Negligence quickly becomes high treason when the motives are understood.” The CCP has manipulated their way into so many foundational structures it’s shocking.   Chinese tech company ByteDance, created Tiktok to gather information [Video 1] [Video 2] and promote cultural rot in other countries. It has also been found out that almost all of the covid vaccine components are outsourced from China. China also owns 3.2% of the total U.S. debt, the western used election software PollChief and is making backroom deals with the Biden administration to siphon from the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

To Save ‘Face’

The desire to save face, as they call it, has lead to some very interesting and counter-productive actions from the CCP. For example when told to make the environment more green to promote tourism, their solution was to fake it by painting the mountains green, as well as stapling fake shrubbery to trees. The covid zero policies that Xi is so fond of have only brought out the true ridiculousness of that mentality as they began PCR testing every piece of food fruit or fish that the people manage to get their hands on. All the while simultaneously painting the sky and the streets in who knows what to “disinfect” the air, all so they can tell their superiors that their city is now ‘officially’ covid negative.

Space aspiration

China has made itself clear that it’s ambitions are not just limited to the Earth. Recently China and the US have began the first conflict over resources in space, each desiring the same landing location on the moon. Both agencies may have chosen these spots, because of their high elevations, good lighting conditions, and proximity to shadowed craters which may be able to trap lunar water/ice. This news comes just as China finished their own Space Station [Video 1]. To display their dominance and protect their new station China has also launched a series of A.I controlled swarm drone satellites.

Propaganda And Censorship

It’s no secret that China goes out of it’s way to censor content or force the creators to alter substance, more often then not with an absurdly pro CCP/police state stance, like the Minions movie. With their money and subversive tactics who knows what backroom influence they may have. Even actor John Cena was forced to apologize to China in Chinese for simply publicly referring to Taiwan as a country when announcing a movie release. Because China dose not recognize Taiwan as an independent entity rather a rogue vassal, they see the statement as harmful to their ambitions.

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