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Ex-FBI Special Agent Jim Di’Orio Says the FBI/CIA Use Black Hat Hackers

“That’s why we have a hell of a time keeping our cyber specialists in the Bureau. So we use bad guys to do it, how long do they last, 6 months until they go bad again. The good guys that really get it, we can only pay them 150k a year, that’s a month at other organizations.”

Ex-Music Producer Robby Starbuck Drops Truth Bombs About the Rap Industry

“You’re a pawn in their game and you always have been. The government has wanted to hold down communities of people in different ways through different methods for a very long time. Their method in the black community has been to use entertainment to create a culture obsessed with death, drugs, sex, and money so that they could create a false paradigm of what happiness and success really was. And in doing so they created a world that also made people more dependent on government.

Dr. Malone: “CIA is using psychological warfare against the health freedom movement”

“we have externally funded entities, agents that seek to compromise those  that are identified as leaders turn them against each other. These people that are doing this are are trained they adroit at identifying the
 weaknesses of individuals.”

“You Can’t Be That Naive”: PBD Schools Adam on Media Manipulation

“I refuse to be naive and manipulated by the same media that divided America over the last 6 years and now their ratings suck because people figured their sh*t out!”

 Have You Heard the Buffalo Paradox?

“Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, one by one.”
― Charles MacKay

Naomi Wolf Exposes Fake News

“We have entered an era in which it is not crazy to assess news events to see if they are real or not real, in the United States as well as overseas. If fact its kinda crazy not too”

Seniter Scott Jensen’s Fear Formula

F. righten
E. xaggerate
A. ccuse
R. epeat

The Great Reset Part Two: Price Hikes and Impoverishment

Robin Monotti: “‘You will own nothing, and you’ll be happy.’ How can they achieve it? Well, they need to strip people of their homes. How can they do it? They need to bankrupt people by hiking gas [and energy] prices. It really is not much more complicated than that.”

The West’s Dirty History in Ukraine