Silicon Valley Engineer, Aman Jabbi, Says Vomit-Inducing Weaponized Street Lights Are Here.

In this conversation with Australian interviewer Maria Zeee Silicon Valley veteran and electrical engineer Aman Jabbi outlines how a “digital prison” is being developed around the world using billions of cameras, AI, drones, central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), and social credit scores as its underpinnings. Jabbi specifically highlights how technologically advanced street lights (a.k.a. “smart poles”) will be deployed to track and trace people, as well as sicken and even kill them using “LED incapacitators.” Or, as they’re known colloquially, “puke rays.”

While a rapidly moving technological takedown of privacy and freedom is blatantly obvious to anyone paying attention, the exact details of how a worldwide digital prison is being built are still somewhat sketchy. In a new conversation with Australian interviewer Maria Zeee, Silicon Valley entrepreneur and electrical engineer Aman Jabbi helps to clarify the specifics of how humanity will be tracked, traced, and controlled like never before. And, it turns out, “smart” street lights may play a pretty big—and pretty sickening—role in the grand scheme.

The “Trojan horse” for the rapidly growing global digital prison, Jabbi says, “is safety and security.” And “inside the Trojan horse is your digital ID, which [will mean] total control and compliance” with whatever Big Government and Big Corporations want. Jabbi adds that “everyone will have a digital identity. And that digital identity is going to be used to unlock your access to financial services, healthcare, telecommunications, government programs, social platforms, logging into the internet, [and] travel and mobility… . “ Jabbi claims “everything you do in your life, you [will] need your digital identity to unlock it.”