Mass Protest At Foxconn iPhone Facility In Zhengzhou, China.

On Tuesday, a violent protest between police and workers[Video] erupted from the worlds largest iPhone factory in China. The Foxconn iPhone facility in Zhengzhou can accommodate up to 350,000 factory workers and accounts for 70% of iPhone shipments globally. Recently in an attempt to contain the latest wave of covid outbreaks, The CCP implemented a closed-loop management [Article] system under which workers are forced to live in their factories with no outside contact.

On top of the workers being under inhumane covid-zero lockdown, they complained that the company changed the terms of their pay[Video] and food quality/rationing[Video] after they traveled across china to work. The spark for the protests appeared to be a plan to delay payments. “Give us our pay!”[Video] chanted workers. When that failed Chinese iPhone factory workers began walking out of their factory in Zhengzhou City in the protest. They shout ”We want to go home, now! [Video]‘ That’s when they clashed with hundreds hazmat suited police [Video], as time went on it more aggressive[Video].