Protests Erupt All Over China “I’m Witnessing History In The Making”, Says Protester In Shanghai

Protests demanding an end to COVID lockdowns broke out all across China on Sunday, following outrage over an apartment building fire Xinjiang that killed 10 people on Thursday because they were physically unable to leave their smoking homes. (More Details Here)

After the news of the fire spread via social media, Shanghai residents gathered at the capital of the Xinjiang region. Dong said she saw some protesters holding blank pieces of paper, some got into scuffles with police, some were beaten, and some were taken into police buses. Dong described the scene as “shocking.” “I was very moved. The people have been suppressed for too long. It was not fear. I felt that my blood was boiling,” she said.

“When we heard the news, we were outraged. At the time, nothing but the fire was discussed on WeChat, TikTok, or other platforms. But these platforms keep deleting the posts.” She said, “I have had three accounts on WeChat banned.” Dong said she felt that her blood was boiling at the protest—there was no fear but only astonishment. “I felt that I was witnessing history in the making. I had goosebumps,” she said.