New York Democrats Demand Reparations for Black Residents, Say $223,000 Per Person Not Enough

California made news last week when Governor Gavin Newsom’s reparations committee called for giving descendants of slaves (meaning all black people in their view) $223,000 each due to “housing discrimination.”  Now some Democrats in New York want to follow California’s example. “We saw what happened in California. We want to pass a bill that starts a conversation about reparations.” said Assemblywoman Michaelle Solages.

Darling also scoffed that the $223,000 figure that California’s task force recommended for each black descendant there was too low. “This country was built on the backs of enslaved people. It has impacted everything — housing, economic development, education,” she said. There are approximately 3.8 million blacks residing in the state. Should New York provide each black individual $300,000 in slave reparations, for example, the total cost for the taxpayers would be around $1.14 trillion. The California and New York proposals also seem to indicate that all racial groups would subsidize black people rather than just whites.

An April 2021 poll shows that nearly two thirds of Americans and 90% of Republicans oppose the idea of providing reparations to the descendants of slaves, according to the results of a nationwide University of Massachusetts Amherst/WCVB poll.  So the administration is seeking ways to affect the public’s views: bring in the U.N. and supposedly world opinion.

Secretary Blinken welcomed the U.N. Human Rights Council’s adoption of a resolution on July 13 that calls for action to combat systemic racism against Africans and people of African descent in the context of law enforcement. Both of the special rapporteurs who have been invited to the U.S. signed a U.N. Human Rights Council statement last year that called for “reparative (emphasis added) intervention for historical and contemporary racial justice” around the world.

The U.N. report will be used by the leftists and the Democrat party — but I repeat myself — as proof that a massive transfer of wealth is needed from white Americans to Americans “of color.”  The ideological framework for this has been made by Critical Race Theory, which alleges that all whites are by definition racist and that the American system of government is systematic racism.  Since only whites can be racist, the Chinese government, a non-white government, cannot be following a racist policy against the Uighurs.  The slavery of Africans today by other Africans and Arabs in Africa is a taboo subject, even though the U.N.’s International Labor Organization (ILO) estimates that there are more than three times as many people in forced servitude today as were captured and sold during the 350-year span of the transatlantic slave trade.  But do not expect the U.S. Human Rights Commission to address the modern slave trade of Africans by Africans and Arabs.

The leading members on the council — China, Russia, and Cuba — will make sure that it is the U.S. that owes the rest of humanity reparations. So no, Blinken is neither naïve nor stupid, this is a carefully orchestrated political power play against the American people, We are being set up.  The U.N. Human Rights Council, with its august sounding name, will issue its report decrying systemic racism in the U.S. and calling for financial reparations, among other remedies, and the Democrats will use the authority of this world forum to bludgeon Americans into accepting a vast transfer of wealth from one group of Americans to another.