Airlines Canceled Thousands Of U.S Flights As ‘Atmospheric River’ Pounds West Coast

Late December, stranded airline passengers learn their luggage is lost after airlines canceled more than 3,500 US flight and delayed thousands more, citing weather-related issues and airspace congestion, according to AP News. “Severe weather in the Southeast and multiple air traffic control delay programs have created significant impacts on the industry. Today’s cancellations will help us reset our operation and safely move our crews and aircraft back in to position.” the spokesperson continued. 

Southwest itself canceled two-thirds of its flights Monday (at least 2,675 canceled), preceded Sunday by 42 percent canceled flights and 48 percent delayed flights. Southwest spokesman Jordan claimed the “large numbers of scheduled flights simultaneously froze as record bitter cold brought challenges for all airlines, creating a giant puzzle to solve. Our network is highly complex, and the operation of the airline counts on all the pieces, especially aircraft and crews, remaining in motion to where they’re planned to go. With our large fleet of airplanes and flight crews out of position in dozens of locations, and after days of trying to operate as much of our full schedule across the busy holiday weekend, we reached a decision point to significantly reduce our flying to catch up.”

As of 2020, these ‘weather’ related pilot issues have become commonplace as the airlines have been struggling to maintain pilot stability. Be it experimental medical mandates, dangerous technological infrastructure alterations, forced inoculation Injury or schedule mismanagement, airlines have been hemorrhaging money and labor.

What happened was, a lot of pilots that didn’t want to get vaccinated got laid off, and the ones that did because they had family’s to feed and mortgages to pay, may no longer be fit to fly. To the globalist elite, this must be a real shocker.”

– German MEP Christine Anderson.
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 Dr. Kelly Victory & Dr. Steven Hatfill on the FAA Changing EKG Guidelines for Pilots (Link)

While Biden claims his “administration is working to ensure airlines are held accountable.” for staffing shortages caused by his policies, many injured pilots speak out about their newly acquired life threatening illness’ that arose after the mandates his administration enacted. Here Injured pilots Captain Bob Snow and Captain Alan Dana talk about their recent experiences.

Jet2 in the UK, A 737 diverts after pilot incapacitation August 2022″

“Pilot incapacitation in Argentina on JetSmart, July 2022”

Citilink, an Indonesian pilot dies and forces the other pilot to make an emergency landing.”

– Captain Alan Dana
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Captain Bob Snow explains how, why and when he got injured, ending his career as a pilot.

“On November 7th I was mandated to receive the vaccine, literally I was told If I did not receive the vaccination ill be fired. So under duress I received the vaccine.”

“Now, just a few days ago, after landing in Dallas, six minuets after we landed I passed out. I coded, I required three shocks. I needed to be intubated, i’m now in the ICU. This is what the vaccine has done for me. I will probably never fly again.”

– Captain Bob Snow

In a recently past American Airlines pilot crisis, Captain Dennis Tajer claimed of the over 700 cancellations, over 90% of them were due to failure to connect a pilot to the airplane, caused by ‘improper scheduling practices’. Travel agencies saying it would be quicker to take a two digit hour long drive then to fly.

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