Since The U.S Withdrawal, Afghanistan’s Taliban Implemented Sharia Law And Banned Women From Education, Sports And More

It’s been a little over a year since the United States’ botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, and in that time the Taliban has taken complete control over the Afghanistan government and implemented Sharia Law. Lest anyone forgot the uncoordinated and hasty withdrawal abandoned over 9,000 Americans and $35 Billion in military equipment, which are now subsequently being used by the Taliban to impose their numerous brands of human rights violations

Sky News reports: “The Taliban are on the march and gaining territory at an astonishing rate. They smell victory, they want to show us the treasure trove of military riches they seized with it.Link

Recently in a show of control and dominance, the Taliban declared Sharia Law and conducted it’s first public ‘flogging’ in a soccer stadium since the 1990s. This happened after the Taliban Supreme Court sentence 11 men and three women for “different sins, including adultery, robbery, gay sex and other forms of corruption”. The group of 14 were whipped in front of a crowd on Wednesday in Logar province. This football stadium public punishment drew in quite the crowed as the Taliban proudly boasted that the event was attended by a crowd of “scholars, authorities, and the people” who were invited via social media. 

Shortly before the declaration of Shira Law Minister Nadeem, the Taliban’s minister of higher education recently said women’s education isn’t an Afghan tradition, but rather part of Western culture brought to the country during the presence of U.S. forces.  “According to a cabinet decision, you are all instructed to immediately carry out the mentioned order of suspending girls’ education until further notice, make certain that the order is executed.” Women are also barred from practicing law, of the nearly 300 female judges in Afghanistan prior to the takeover, 244 have been evacuated from the country. Woman have even been banned from public parks and participating in sporting events.

World Is One News reports: “The Taliban are depriving women and girls in Afghanistan of everything that constitutes life, life is more then just staying alive.” Link

Just incase anyone missed this, here in 2007 Biden Says
“If We Leave US Weapons In Afghanistan, They’ll Be Used Against Us.”