Winter Storm Moving Across US Results In Unstable Energy Grids, Thefts, Damages And Deaths

A massive winter storm is moving east across the United States and is bringing with it a bitter cold and life-threatening temperatures. The widespread flash freeze is forecasted in the Midwest, East and South as heavy rain is accompanied by below freezing temperatures. The dangerous wind chills and accumulating snow are expected across a large portion of the U.S and is currently testing the people and their power grids.

Credit (Zoom.Earth)

In Buffalo, NY, the National Guard has locked down the city and is going door to door looking for victims stating “Too many people are ignoring the ban.” Abdul Sharifu, 26, a refugee from the Congo who settled in Buffalo, was among the dead in the city from the storm after venturing out for supplies for his nine-month-pregnant wife. The devastating snow storm that struck during the holidays has left 65 people dead so far across Buffalo, with officials still looking for any more bodies. 


Like most chaotic and desperate events, it has called to those willing to take advantage of the situation. In areas like NY and Texas where roads in the city remain impassable due to the heavy snow, thieves and criminals came out in force, climbing mounds of snow to get into and ransack abandoned local establishments. Residents filmed some of the thieves as they entered the store and left with handfuls of items like paper towels and toilet paper.

One shameless woman even posted a Facebook Live of her and her friends grabbing items from the store. Others were filmed hauling away televisions and security footage even caught one man breaking the glass of a liquor store door where he allegedly stole $500 worth of goods. One man noted that these thieves weren’t stealing food or medicine from the stores they looted, saying, “So these people aren’t in distress – these are people that are taking advantage of a natural disaster and the suffering of many in our community to take what they want from retailers.”

Ransacked store in western New York (Link)
A Gills Rock, Wisconsin shop along Lake Michigan was frozen solid after a massive winter storm – Dec 28, 2022 (Link)