Oxford Residents Mount Resistance Against The Sectioning Of Their Streets In The Name Of 15 Minute Cities And The Great Climate Con

In early January Oxford, England began installing what they call “traffic filters” on six key roads in the city center. Their purpose is to prevent private cars from using these streets to promote public transport and bikes. Citizens currently require a permit to drive their cars across these main streets or face a £70 fine.

The project costed £6.5 million and entails installing automatic pillars, smart cameras and toll booths at certain intersections to “tackle climate change”. The system would operate by using number plate recognition cameras which would monitor traffic on six key roads in the city center. The test which will be in place for six-months, is aimed at reducing the number of ‘unnecessary’ journeys in the city.

So in an attempt to “prevent emissions and tackle climate change” they want to force people to drive MORE to circumvent these roadblocks on key roads throughout the city? This is nothing more then gaslighting and misdirection. They are building and testing the infrastructure for future lockdowns.

Well, many people of Oxford saw the climate lockdown looming after the happenings of this Scamdemic and remained vigilant. When It was imposed they spent no time gathering against it creating the “Not Our Future” movement aimed at alerting people to the future this climate agenda has planned.

‘Not Our Future’ knows well that mass non-compliance with tyrannical regulations is the only way to prevent the corrosion of the peoples sovereignty.

Youtube Link – Rumble Link

It would seem some know this fact well as the non-compliance has become quite a thorn in the side of the Oxford Council who imposed these measures. Vagilities either masked and under the cover of night or brazenly in open day without a care in the world have been defying these measures by destroying and sabotaging the newly installed infrastructure then the people ignoring it outright. This non-compliance is fantastic to see, a +1 to humanity for sure.

Of course right on que their government is trying to paint the movement as a terrorist organization, claiming they are threating the lives of the council members, sending death threats like pictures of nooses. They went as far as removing their known locations from their state website in response.

Oxford Council Doing Damage Control Link
Corbett Report Topic Starts at 8:50 Link



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