Strike Foundation Unveils A New Technological Breakthrough In Energy, The Bendall Turbine Plasmoid Unification Model

Recently Randall Carlson went on the JRE podcast and disclosed a new energy breakthrough from the Maldives based company Strike Foundation, The Bendall Turbine Plasmoid Unification Model. Astonishingly The Strike Foundation plans on completely open sourcing this technology so it can no longer be suppressed. More details supposedly coming soon.

Topic Starts At 8 Min In (Link)

Plasmoids are doughnut or toroidal shaped clusters of net Protons or net Electrons that once captured and placed into a Toroidal orbit are capable of absorbing, storing, and releasing enormous amounts of energy present within their self-generated and structured electro magnetic containment field. Plasmoids, in effect, function as an atomic battery that can be-self charging due to the ability to convert matter to available clean energy. Plasmoids by their unique geometry cause a consequential electromagnetic containment field to generate a zero point naturally and casually, without much effort, have the ability to convert the nuclear Mass of Protium (Atoms) into energy.

BackMacSci Plasma Toroid Experimentation (Link)

The Plasmoid Unification Model (PUM) posits that Plasmoids are epoch-making and that the knowledge of them has been hidden in plain sight for centuries. This PUM ‘slide rule’ reveals the algorithmic relationships life’s elements critical to mankind’s existence and development, its parts with Protium which has a melting point of -259.2C and is the most abundant element in our solar system. Protium determines the 25,920 Great Year frequency of our Solar System. The resonant frequencies of all other elements can then be calculated when the 25,920 years is reduced from years to days, hours, and seconds.

The PUM is evidence that the Universe is an intelligent design. The design is in perfect octave tangenic resonance with itself. Therefore all of creation from Galaxies to Planets to Elements all resonate in unison with a collective chord “As Above So Below”. This is interconnected with an Energy “web”, the 24 components of laws which we are all based and governed on the same 16 sector Torus Plasmoid precepts shown. The concepts and ruling principles of the PUM can and have been applied to make Energy to Matter and Matter to Energy conversient. When applied to the modern hydrocarbon powered internal combustion engine, PUM technology removes exhaust toxic waste products and increases the engine power output by transforming waste energy back into fuel. Plasmoids employed in conjunction with Plasmoid Toroidal Implosive Turbine provide a new novel Matter to Energy and Energy to Matter propulsion device for water, land, air, and space travel.