New Video Release: 5G/EMFs Are NOT Harmless

Recently I began my research on electromagnetic radiation and 5G frequencies for a new video, and what I found was far FAR bigger then I thought when I first delved down this particular rabbit hole. I went into this project trying to find out if wireless headsets (like Apple airpods) were safe, and not only did I find my answer (which is NO they are NOT) but I discovered that this scantly tested and unregulated technology is the key component in the coming future digital control system. EMFs have such a vast range of possibilities and dangers, it seems like another technology that should be locked away because global leadership and private entities can’t be trusted with it.

I started with my usual theme structure of trying to craft a 15 minute video, after my research it turned into many hours of critical data. So I had to compromise and make two videos, a “documentary” and a 15 minute summery for series continuity sake. The documentary is a 1h35m compilation of the data I gathered from 26 different videos and dozens of web sources. All this information is from seminars, interviews, documentaries, politicians and journalists. So it is a little dry and jumbled. I cut out everything I didn’t think was absolutely crucial for people to know to try and make it as short as possible. All of my sources are listed below!

The new video can be found on Rumble, Bitchute or Odysee.

Did you know there’s no medical body overseeing the 5G rollout? How about the fact the FCC lost in court to claims it was negligent it it’s standards and practices? Or that wireless companies can’t be insured by normal insurance companies because the health risks is too well known? Or that under the legal information in your phone it states you cannot keep the device in your pocket without exceeding as tested exposure guidelines? Or that the World Health Origination (for whatever that’s worth) designated EMF a human carcinogen? Or that EMFs can activate dormant pathogens within our bodies like Epstein Barr virus? Or that our DNA and sweat glands can act as helical antennas? I sure as hell didn’t!

Now, what am I talking about exactly? Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) radiate from all electrical devices, some far worse then others. It’s now coming to light that even at low continuous doses it can lead to serious health problems. Everything from florescent light bulbs and cell phone chargers to fuse boxes and radio towers gives off pulsed microwave radiation. If organic life is continuously exposed to and not given proper distance away from the barrage of pulsed frequencies, cells can never heal leading to a plethora of various ailments like DNA damage, Alzheimer’s, heart anthemia, blood coagulation and all types of cancers.

::Video Sources::

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5G Apocalypse: The Extinction Event

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Dr. Sharon Goldberg MD – Exposes The Dangers of 5G Tech

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The 5G Dragnet – Corbett Report

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