“Never Again Is Now Global” An Enlightening New Docuseries By Holocaust Survivor, Vera Sharav

On January 30th 2023, holocaust survivor and human rights activist, Vera Sharav released her new Docuseries titled ‘Never Again Is Now Global‘. In the series, which is in five one hour long segments, she interviews other holocaust survivors or their families to get their perspective on the covid “pandemic”.

They regale the audience with their personal stories and point out the similarities they see with recent events and the nazi Germany they lived through. They cover a wide range of relevant topics that paint a very ominous picture for our future.

Many think about the holocaust and say; “How could so many people do such a horrible thing?” or “How could people go along with such a plot?” or “How can a rational people abandon all reason and turn in their friends, family and neighbors to the fascist regime?

The answer to all those questions becomes quite clear by the end of this series, they detail how the totalitarian creep comes slow. First they subvert the viewpoints of the society with propaganda and fear. Then they choose a scapegoat direct the ire of the people to keep it from themselves. And finally they tell you they are only being oppressive for your own good, sound familiar? This is a cycle as old as time and these brave souls are trying to warn the world before it is too late.

I think this series is absolutely beautiful, truly inspiring and hauntingly informative, I could not recommend it enough. All five episodes can be found below, courtesy of The Defender.

Part 5


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